Repairs and Servicing - Digital Camera

Digital Camera

We have developed a pricing structure thats sets out fixed price repairs for most products which enables you, the consumer to know where you stand prior to incurring any costs.

Battery Cover Replacement from £24.00

LCD Replacements from £42.00

USB Socket Repairs from £48.00

Zoom Repairs, Memory Card Socket Repairs and Circuit Repairs from £60.00

Our fixed cost repairs include any minor parts required for the repair and service of your product (typically 20% of the repair cost) and include VAT. We will only estimate a job if it requires major parts.

Insurance quotations are available upon request and there is a charge of £24.00 inc. VAT for this service, which is deducted from the repair cost if the quote is accepted.

If you would like a seperate on-line estimate please fill in the request form with as much information as possible, and we will endeavour to provide an accurate estimate.