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Laptop Repair

We can help you keep your laptop in top condition with our software maintenance, screen and hard drive replacements and repairs
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Laptop Repair

We can perform upgrades and maintenance on your laptop to ensure it’s reliability and performance.

Software repairs and updates

Many problems with laptops are caused by corrupted software and files. This corruption can have many causes, but recovering your laptop back to full working order can be challenging.

At 1st Aid Repairs, we have a variety of tools that allow us to reach locked and damaged files. We also have operating system repair tools that can restore broken functionality.

Often software updates won’t apply properly, and we can help ensure that they are loaded successfully.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Screens are quite fragile and can be damaged through seemingly minor accidents. Screens can also fail over time due to brightness and dead pixels.

We can replace most laptop screens and restore bright and full functionality.

Hard Drive Replacements

If you’re running out of disk space or are looking to increase the performance of your laptop. Consider replacing and upgrading the hard disk drive.

Older laptops can be given a new lease of life by converting from an older, spinning disk hard drive to a new, ultra-fast SSD. Every time you start your computer, open an app or load a file, data is loaded from the hard drive. A new SSD ensures that they load as fast as possible. Solid State Disk drives are also more reliable in a laptop, as they have no moving parts.

We can replace your hard drive and transfer over all existing data and settings. Ensuring you get a fast, easy upgrade.

Laptop Keyboard Replacements

Drink spills, crumbs and dust can all cause failures and sticky keys within keyboards. Sometimes they just wear out.

But the keyboard is not intrinsic to your laptop, we can clean or replace your keyboard and make sure that sticky keys are a thing of the past.

Socket and Circuit Repairs

Failing USB sockets, HDMI and power ports are a common problem on any well-used laptop. Usually, these ports are directly attached to the main circuit board, requiring a complete replacement. However, our modern cleanroom facility, air-flowing solder systems and experienced technicians allow us to identify faults at a component level. It is often possible for us to repair sockets and individual components, rather than having to go to the cost of replacing a whole circuit board.

Laptop Battery Replacements

If your battery is past it's best. It no longer holds a charge for very long, or it won't charge at all. We can provide a competitively priced and warranted replacement battery to restore your laptop back to its best.

Laptop Power Supply Replacement

Without a power supply, your laptop isn’t any use. However, they are often damaged from tripping and stretched cables. Components within the power supply can sometimes fail, causing slow charging or creating a lot of noise.

We can supply replacement power supplies, and may be able to repair your existing power supply.

All mains powered equipment that we repair is PAT tested as part of the service before it is returned to you.

Insurance Quotes and Repairs

We do offer Estimates suitable for Insurance purposes. We would require the laptop for inspection and confirmation of the damage.

Inspection reports are chargeable, which would be deducted from the final repair cost should the repair be completed. The inspection fee must be paid before the inspection and covers the return carriage to you if the estimate is declined.

During the inspection, the Technician will inspect the laptop and report his findings. We will then email a PDF copy of the inspection report to you, which is suitable for insurance purposes.

For further details, please review our Insurance Quotes information here.