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1st Aid Repairs - Video and Camera Repair in Kent

Specialists in the repair of portable electronic equipment.
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Camera Repairs Shop UK, London & Kent

If you’re looking for a trusted camera repair shop who cares as much about your treasured camera as you do you’re in the right place. 1st Aid Repairs is one the leading camera shops in the UK.

Our camera repair centre is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, fixes, cleans and services:

  • SLR, digital SLR and compact cameras
  • Interchangeable camera lenses
  • Video cameras, camcorders and other broadcast equipment.

We work directly with camera brand manufacturers and offer Canon camera repair, Nikon camera repair, Panasonic cameras repair, Sony camera repair, and Pentax camera repair. We repair cameras for insurance companies, individual clients and professional film crews. We also repair camera lenses from Canon, Nikon, Tamron, and Sigma. Other repairs include portable electronic devices like laptops, projectors and flash equipment. All our camera parts are from the original manufacturers. 


Canon, Pentax & Nikon Camera Repair Shop


“Absolutely first class repair shop - they fixed my camera that Sony said could not be fixed.” Trustpilot customer review


We are the Camera Repair Shop that goes the extra mile

Camera Repair Centre UK

We understand that for many people, parting with their camera is like losing an arm. 1st Aid Repairs camera repair shop is a 20-year-old family business in Kent that cares passionately about cameras. We’ll look after your camera like it’s our own. We’ll nurse it back to full working order and keep you informed at every stage, from your first enquiry, until the camera is repaired and safely back in your hands.

Our quality collection and delivery methods ensure that your equipment will be offered maximum protection while in transit.

We the trusted UK experts in the field of cameras as seen in our many reviews and testimonials below.

Our status as a JVC Authorised Service & Repairs Centre means 1st Aid Repairs is fully compliant and approved to carry out JVC repairs and services.


We use the latest camera repair technology

Modern day camera repairs require the latest technology, tools and equipment. We’ve invested in the lot.

With 1st Aid Repairs you can be sure you’ll get a superior repair service for broken digital cameras, film cameras or camcorders

As well as providing regular portable electronic device repairs we offer a range of specialist technology services for;

  • HDMI and USB repairs
  • MacBook repairs
  • Laptop repairs
  • Sat nav repairs


Individual camera component repair

Camera Repair, Servicing & Maintenance Shop

Our preheating, air-flowing solder systems allow us to replace the tiniest individual components without the high cost of replacing a whole circuit board.

We replace or repair:

  • All types of USB socket
  • HDMI sockets
  • SD card sockets
  • CF card sockets
  • Firewire sockets

Calibration equipment: Our dedicated calibration tools allow us to confirm your camera or screen is working properly. We can also fix zoom and exposure issues that are normally difficult to replicate.

PAT testing: All mains powered equipment that we repair is PAT tested as part of the service before it is returned to you.


Camera servicing and camera cleaning

Keeping your camera working at its best means keeping it serviced, clean and calibrated.

Using our modern cleanroom facility and ionising, anti-static air guns, we can clean lenses to the highest degree possible.

We can provide camera sensor cleaning, CCD cleaning, lens cleaning and camera mirror box cleaning. We can also replace IR filters on CCDs and CMOS sensors to the manufacturer’s standards.


Camera repair specialist technicians

Camera Repair Shop South East & Kent


Our highly trained, specialist technicians are able to carry out repairs down to a component level, all from our camera repair shop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This means fewer expensive parts will be required to keep your equipment working for longer.

By repairing, we invest in a more sustainable environment for the next generation.

When an item does reach the end of its useful life, we do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle. All our recycling is done through a WEEE regulated programme that only recycles through responsible UK companies.

1st Aid Repairs is your fast, affordable and professional camera repairs service.

Check out our camera repairs page for all the models and camera brands we work with.

Call our repair shop now on 01892 525 327. We’re happy to help.