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Video and Camera Lens Repair

We can clean, service and repair your camera lenses to the highest degree possible
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Video and Camera Lens Repair

1st Aid Repairs are digital camera and lens repair specialists with expertise in fixing faults that occur in all brands and models of camera lenses. We've repaired the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and JVC for years, and among the leading camera repair shops in the UK. 

The lens is the eye of any camera; keeping it focusing properly, preventing problems and maintaining image sharpness is a specialist task.

Our technicians are highly experienced with the vast depth of photographic knowledge and technical repair skills.

The lens repair services we offer are:

  • Canon camera lens repair
  • Olympus camera lens repair
  • Nikon camera lens repair
  • Pentax camera lens repair
  • Sigma camera lens repair
  • Panasonic camera lens repair
  • Sony camera lens repair
  • Samyang camera lens repair
  • Tamron camera lens repair
  • Camera lens cleaning and servicing


Camera Lens Repair Shop near London


Common camera lens issues we can fix

The camera lens is an extremely technical piece of equipment and can suffer from any number of faults. Some are down to excessive use but others are down to lack of use. Common faults we see are:

  • Broken lens mount
  • Aperture fault (Iris fault)
  • Lens focus fault
  • Lens zoom fault
  • Fungus growth on the internal lens elements fault
  • Scratched or cracked elements
  • Image stabilizer fault (a.k.a Shaking images)
  • Lens vibration reduction fault (VR unit fault)
  • Condensation inside the lense
  • Noisy zoom motor 
  • Slow focus (possibly a sensor issue)

If your camera lens suffers from any of these faults, then please get in touch. Our experienced technicians can usually repair and restore your lens back to fully working order. Our service includes full lens calibration. 

Please note that, for issues related to fungus on the lens, we will do our best to restore the glass and lens back to full working order. However, depending on the type and age of the fungus, or the time on the glass, we may not be able restore it to 'as new' conditon. All lens fungus cases require investigation before we any major works. We will always make you aware of the costs before we undertake the work.  


Camera Lens Problems Caused by Flexible Circuit Ribbon and Connectors

Whenever you focus or zoom your camera lens, the moving and rotating internal parts put stress on the ribbon strips and electronic connectors within it. If these connections start to fail, the camera loses data. This leads to a loss of focus control or at worst complete failure.

1st Aid Repairs can repair or replace these connections and restore full functionality.

Don't throw away a lens which isn't working properly. Send it to us for a low priced inspection. We'll estimate the cost of repairs and return the item if you don't want to go ahead.


We mend camera lenses for any brand of camera


Old Camera Lens Repair

We also carry out a range of camera lens repairs on old film camera models which form part of our sustainable practices and help our customers to save on waste and money.

For any lenses where an original replacement part is not available, we may be able to repair the existing camera lens connector.

We have an extensive stock of used and new parts that means we are often able to find a replacement or adapt a newer part to provide the same functionality.


Camera Lens Scratch Repair Service

1st Aid Repairs also carries out camera lens scratch repairs at our camera repair centre. While scrapes and scratches may not affect the performance of your camera lens, they still affect how it feels to use your camera.

We are one of the very few camera repair shops that can mend individual components rather than having to replace a complete module. With our extensive stock of spare camera lens parts and our experienced technicians, we can restore your camera lens to its former glory. We will only charge your for the spares and labour we use.


Camera Lens Cleaning & Servicing

The inside of a camera lens contains many individual glass and plastic lenses. During assembly, they must be put together in an incredibly clean, static-free room. This ensures any dust is prevented from getting onto the internal parts.

With our cleanroom facility, combined with ionising, anti-static air guns, we are able to strip and clean camera lenses to the highest degree possible. Replicating the assembly environment whenever a lens is assembled is critical to its continued, fault-free operation.

If your lens has image aberrations or focus issues, we can disassemble, clean and service it thoroughly. As part of this service, we'll also let you know if there are any other issues which need addressing now or in the future.


Our Lens Repair Service Process

  • You contact a 1st Air Repairs camera lens technician and describe the fault.
  • We diagnose the problem over the phone and provide a quote based on the information provided (parts and labour breakdown).
  • If you’re happy with the quote, we will send you an address label.
  • You send your lens in protective packaging by post to 1st Aid Repairs.
  • On arrival, your lens gets booked onto our repair management system and you get sent a job reference number and approximate timescale for repair (we usually aim to carry out camera and lens repairs or service within 7-14 days).
  • If your camera lens needs extra work, parts or we are unable to mend it, we will contact you by phone and discuss the best way to proceed.
  • Every repair includes a FREE clean and full lens servicing
  • We will then return your fixed lens back to you in air-protected packaging to keep it safe in transit.


Camera Lens Repair Professionals UK


In addition to lenses, we also repair digital cameras from all the leading brands including Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and Pentax

Insurance Quotes and Repairs for Camera Lenses

We offer estimates suitable for Insurance purposes. We would require the lens for inspection and confirmation of the damage.

Inspection reports are chargeable, which would be deducted from the final repair cost should the repair be completed. The inspection fee must be paid before the inspection and covers the return carriage to you if the estimate is declined.

During the inspection, the technician will inspect the lens and report his findings. We will then email a PDF copy of the inspection report to you, which is suitable for insurance purposes.

For further details, please review our insurance quotes information here.


Camera Lens Repair FAQs

1. How much does it cost to fix camera lenses at your camera repair centre?

We give a free online estimate for all camera lens repair jobs. This is followed by a full quote after we have had a chance to fully assess your camera lens on its arrival. Please note that there is a £30 charge for water damage assessment because we need to take the whole camera apart.


2. How long does it take to repair camera lenses?

We aim to mend or replace most camera lenses within 14 days. Impact repairs take longer, as does the process if we have to request replacement parts for your camera lens. In most cases though we have a wide range of camera lenses and camera lens parts in stock so are usually able to mend your broken camera at our repair centre.  


3. Is there a warranty on the repair of my camera lens?

We offer a six month warranty for camera lens repairs and a three month warranty for minimum work and replacement parts.