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We are Sony repair specialists with 20 years’ experience fixing Sony film and digital cameras.


1st Aid Repair are Sony camera repair specialists with 20 years’ experience fixing digital Sony cameras and video cameras.

We carry out the full range of Sony repairs at our camera repair shop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. These include the fixing, refurbishment and servicing of portable instant cameras and compact cameras offering lightweight, fixed lens flexibility to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with state-of-the-art features.

Keeping your Sony camera in tip-top condition is key to ensuring you’ll get years of great service from it. At our Sony repair centre, we utilise leading technology and our extensive knowledge of Sony products, to ensure our customers receive a service that is second-to-none.

But we are not solely a Sony digital camera repair specialist. We also repair other camera, lens and accessory brands, including Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic, etc. Furthermore, we repair camcorders and are an approved JVC video camera service and repair centre.


Sony Camera Fault Repair


Common Sony Camera Faults

Before we fix your Sony camera, we first need to establish the exact fault. Common problems include the camera lens, LCD display, shutter, battery door error, sensor issue, software issues, water damage, SD card error or data recovery from camera may be required.

As Sony camera repair experts, we can repair all the following problems:


Camera Shutter Error: Sometimes the Sony camera’s shutter might be stuck open leading to overexposed images or if stuck closed, black images. You may also get a shutter error message.

Camera Lens Error: Lens errors are very common and mostly they’re found in Sony cameras that have barrel style lenses. We can fix Sony lenses or carry out a lens replacement if it is beyond repair.

Camera Software Issues: Sometimes with Sony digital cameras you might find the hardware working well but there’s a problem in the software. We can re-install or reset the software to fix this issue.

Camera Battery Error: This is often a battery issue with Sony digital cameras and this something we can resolve.

Fixing a Wet Camera: If you’ve dropped your Sony camera in water by accident then it will need to come to us for a more detailed inspection. Water damage is never clean cut, so we need to disassemble your camera to understand the extent of the damage. If there is any corrosion evident its likely we can remove it but, until we see your camera, we will be unable to tell you whether it is repairable or not.  

SD Card Error: Sometimes the problem can be in your SD card and not in the camera itself. If you see ‘write error’ then your photos will not get written to the card. First check your card is not locked and then try to take photos. If your fault persists then it’s likely you will require a Sony SD card socket repair or socket replacement.  


We’re the UK’s Canon camera repair experts

At our Sony camera repair shop, we use industry-leading equipment to fix cameras at a component level. It is often possible for us to repair sockets and individual components, rather than having to go to the cost of replacing a whole module (e.g a complete circuit board) or sending it away to the manufacturer. We can clean, service and fix your camera, as well as any damaged casings, motors, CCDs and CMOS sensors.

Our repairs include:

  • Camera circuit board repair and replacement
  • Memory card socket repair and replacement
  • Shutter assembly repair and replacement
  • Flash circuit repair and replacement
  • Camera Focus mechanism repair and replacement
  • CCD cleaning and servicing
  • Cosmetic damage repairs (scratches or cracks due to being dropped)


Sony Camera Repair Specialists


We repair and service all the following Sony camera models:

  • Sony A7S II/III
  • Sony A7/II/III
  • Sony A7R/II/III/IV
  • Sony A9 / A9 II
  • Sony A6000
  • Sony A6100
  • Sony A6300
  • Sony A6400
  • Sony A6500
  • Sony A6600
  • Sony RX100 I/II/III/IV/V/VI/VII
  • Sony HX50, HX60, HX400, HX350, HX70, HX80, HX90, HX95, HX99
  • Sony WX350, WX500, WX300, WX800
  • Sony RX10 I/II/III/IV/V

We are also fully equipped to repair all Sony Alpha E-mount cameras and lenses.


Insurance Quotes and Repairs for your Sony Camera

If your camera has been damage and you are claiming off your insurance, then we can offer estimates suitable for insurance purposes. Before we can provide a quote to repair the damage, we would require your Sony camera for inspection so we can assess the damage and provide a quote.

Inspection reports are chargeable, which would be deducted from the final repair cost should the repair be completed. The inspection fee of £48 is required to be paid before the inspection and covers the return carriage to you if the estimate is declined.

During the inspection, the technician will inspect your Sony camera and report their findings. We will then email a PDF copy of the inspection report to you, which is suitable for insurance purposes. For further details, please review our Insurance Quotes information here.


Repair Broken Sony Digital Camera


How our Sony camera repair service works  

To get started, you contact one of our Sony camera specialists and describe the fault. We diagnose the problem over the phone and provide a quote based on the information provided (parts and labour breakdown).

If you’re happy with the quote, we will send you an address label. You send your camera in protective packaging by post to 1st Aid Repairs. On arrival, your camera gets booked onto our repair management system and you get sent a job reference number and approximate timescale for repair (we usually aim to carry out camera repairs or service within 7-14 days).

If your Sony camera needs extra work, parts or we are unable to mend it, we will contact you by phone and discuss the best way to proceed.

Please Note: We do apply inspection charges for water damage and major physical damage because a more detailed assessment is required where we need to take the whole camera apart to diagnose the damage. If your camera is beyond repair and you wish to dispose of it, we can pass them to our partner who is one of the UK’s leading camera parts recycling experts.   


Sony Camera Sensor Cleaning (CCD) and Mirrorbox Cleaning

To keep your Sony camera working smoothly, you should keep it regularly clean and calibrated. Over time, dirt and tony metal shavings from lens changes get into the camera body and start to affect performance. Static electricity can also build up within the shutter mechanism which attracts more dust onto the CCD.

Using our modern cleanroom facility and ionising, anti-static air guns, we can ensure that the CCD and Mirrorbox are completely cleaned and static-free.

1st Aid Repairs off an affordable way to care for your camera. Our camera cleaning and servicing starts at just £48. This cost includes any minor parts required and include VAT.


Contact our Sony Camera Repair Specialists

Get in touch today to see how we can help – email us at or call 01892 525327.


Sony Camera Servicing and Cleaning


Sony Camera Repair FAQs


How much does it cost to fix my camera at your Sony repair centre?

In 90% of instances, we can offer an online estimate to repair most Sony cameras. If it’s just a fault then it is easier for us to quote. If there is damage then it might be slightly more difficult because we don’t know if there is any internal damage.

We will provide a full quote once we have had the chance to fully assess your camera on its arrival. Please note that there is a £30 charge for water damage assessment because we need to take the whole camera apart.


How long does it take to repair my Sony Camera?

Whilst we aim to return most Sony cameras within 14 days, there are times where high demand may delay this to 28 days or more, especially if we need to order in parts. Rest assured, we always try to return your pride and joy back to you as quickly as possible, without compromising our high servicing and repair standards.

Impact repairs take longer, as does the process if we have to request replacement parts. In the majority of cases, because we are Sony repair specialists, we have most Sony spare parts in stock for all Sony restorations.


Is there a warranty on the repair of my Sony camera?

We offer a six-month warranty for Sony camera servicing and a three month warranty for minimum work and replacement parts (e.g LCD screen). 


What is included in a Sony camera service?

Professional users should aim to service their camera every year to gain the best results and longevity. Like a car, you must care for and look after it. Preventing a fault is always cheaper than waiting until it has gone wrong. With regular Sony camera servicing we can ensure we diagnose potential problems before they arise.

A Sony camera service with 1st Aid Repairs includes a full strip down of the camera, cleaning of sensors, gear blocks and lenses. Servicing of Sony compact cameras involves stripping and cleaning the optics.  We then reassemble and recalibrate the camera.